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Fall Kickoff Party with Joshua Gleis '01 December 11, 2011

Can a country successfully withdraw from an insurgency prior to achieving a clear victory?

Joshua Gleis, author, analyst, and consultant on International Security spoke to us about countering insurgencies. In his most recent book, Withdrawing Under Fire: Lessons Learned from Islamist Insurgencies, Dr. Gleis addresses this question and others. He has studied troop withdrawals from Iraq, Algeria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip. With the planned U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq, Dr. Gleis helped us understand what influences our own country's counterinsurgency policy. For more information about the speaker, check his website.

We also mingled and a enjoyed a buffet dinner at Salt Creek Grille in Rumson.

Bill Feinberg '49 and Sarah Fischell '78, MEng '79 CCMO co-presidents Shari Kates '79 and Carole Fishman '70


Ed Butler '63, Kaitlin Dufton '07 and Nancy Butler '64. Kaitlin is is an assistant director in the New York City office of alumni affairs.

Ellie Greco '61 and Linda Rhodes Ph.D. '88

Brandon Thompson '16, David Fischell '75, M.S. '78, Ph.D. '80 and Linda Rhodes Ph.D. '88. Brandon had been admitted to Cornell a few days earlier.