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Spring Speaker Reception with Rebecca Robbins
April 28, 2019

Everything you must know but are too tired to ask!

Did you sleep at all during finals week?

Sleep is critical for our health, well-being, productivity, and longevity, but the vast majority of us do not get enough. Many of us also report poor quality sleep. We learned about the science behind sleep and the strategies for improving your sleep, health, and happiness.

Our speaker, Dr. Rebecca Robbins, is a researcher at the NYU School of Medicine. In her research, Rebecca examines the link between sleep and our waking success, specifically the vital role sleep plays in our memory, cognition, health, and longevity. She co-authored a book summarizing these findings entitled "Sleep for Success!" with Cornell Professor James B. Maas. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and on the Today Show, Fox News, and CBS.

The talk and dinner were held at Triumph Brewing Co. in Red Bank.

Rebecca Robbins is a triple-red Cornellian. She graduated from the Hotel School in 2009 and continued her graduate studies at Cornell earning an MPS and a PhD from CALS in Communication and Health Marketing. She is currently a a Postdoctoral Fellow at the NYU School of Medicine where she leads a study with Principal Investigator Dr. Girardin Jean-Louis entitled "Tailored Approach to Sleep Health Education".

Rebecca has also held a teaching position in psychology at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar and is a certified yoga instructor.

CCMO President Pat Reilly '78 with the speaker

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