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Fall Speaker Reception with Matt Carcella
October 26, 2018

Keeping True to "any person, any study":  
Inclusion and Diversity at Cornell in 2018,

with Matt Carcella, Director, Alumni Diversity Programs


Matt Carcella is the Director of Diversity Alumni Programs which oversees and supports the diverse alumni associations (CBAA, CLAA, CAAA, CUGALA, and CNAAA) and Cornell Mosaic. In addition, DAP serves as a liaison between Alumni Affairs and Development and our on campus diversity programs. Additional areas of engagement include veterans, first-generation college student alumni, and COSEP alumni. Matt and DAP seek to engage all alumni in issues of diversity and inclusion and support the inclusion of diverse alumni in all aspects of alumni engagement and giving.

One of two founding principles of Cornell University was originally spoken by  Ezra Cornell at the inauguration of its first president, Andrew Dickson White.  “I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.”

In 2018, the Cornell community has welcomed our most diverse first-year class in the university’s history.  This presentation and discussion will serve as a survey of history, efforts, and ways to engage by highlighting...

  • Efforts to diversify the student body (including changes to student demographics from New Jersey);
  • Programs in place to promote inclusion at all levels of the university;
  • Discussion of historical moments in Cornell’s history that support the notion of “any person, any study;”
  • An overview of how our alumni are at the forefront of supporting these efforts.

The talk and dinner were held at The Westside Eatery in Red Bank.